Mallorca Fish


BIG GAME FISHING on a comfortable yacht!

Dear friends, have you always dreamed of going to sea on a comfortable yacht? We are pleased to offer you a unique opportunity — the exciting BIG GAME fishing with an entertaining and well-organized leisure time on the yacht«EDENROC»!

What is BIG GAME fishing? This is the most mind-blowing fishing in the world! It’s not pier fishing small coastal fry with an angle... This is the real hunt for big fish!

Just imagine: a 100–200 kg tuna takes the bait! What a piece of good luck! Who will overcome? These are really inexpressible feelings and emotions! This is the brightest memory that will remain with you for a lifetime!

What makes our offer more attractive and entertaining than other offers in Mallorca?

  • Our team consists of professionals who are good at fishing and will definitely ensure your safety.
  • What is most important is there are options available. Should you grow tired of fishing or should the weather change, you can relax in the comfortable cabins as well as enjoy your time on the covered deck.
  • The personalized service and advice on all possible types of sea fishing — we agree on the route and all the wishes of our Client in advance.
  • BIG GAME fishing presupposes you are well equipped with fishing gear. If you are a pro fisherman, you can use your own gear. And if an amateur, we will provide you with the best solutions for any type of sea fishing.

How to book a fishing tour?

  • Contact us in any way convenient for you — call us, write an instant message or e-mail to us. Tell us when you would like to go sea fishing and in what way you would like to fish.
  • We will clarify all your wishes and discuss the details. In order to book the time and date of the fishing, make a nominal payment that confirms that your intentions are serious.
  • Sea fishing depends on weather conditions. Therefore, the sea outing must be confirmed 48–72 hours right before to the scheduled date. Moreover, fishing is in strict compliance with the laws of Spain and the Balearic Islands.
  • 8. When everything is confirmed and agreed, you pay the remaining amount. We meet you on our comfortable yacht «Edenroc», Azimut 50 make, and put out to sea for a huge fish.

Mallorca Forever!

Free time in Spain is a great opportunity to spend your vacation. It is the home of the pearls of the Mediterranean Sea, the Balearic Islands (Menorca, Mallorca, Formentera, and Ibiza).

Fishing in the Balearic Islands is one of the most exciting and fascinating events in the life of a real fisherman and simply a traveler, for that matter.

It is these local waters that are the habitat of the bluefin tuna reaching 400 kilograms, which awakens most incredible fantasies! And what about a swordfish 4.5 meters long?! It is a dream fish! This is what you call a real paradise for a fisherman and an extreme tourist!

And all of these — a real fishing session of the Big Game grade in which you compete with the fish. Because it is not enough to hook such a monster, you will have to pull it out onto the deck.

It is nowhere near that simple to supplement your fish trophies with such giants. However, if you have a pro next to you, the competition turns into an exciting hunt.

We wish you a wonderful time and unmatched impressions on the Balearic Islands! And as for us, we are ready to guarantee responsibility and professionalism in organizing your fishing adventure.